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Print is Not Dead…Clearly. I Still Have my Job.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 20:11

Posted by: Kia Nicolaou Manager - Production Services at Precision

I’ve heard it countless of times, print is dying or the internet has murdered the print industry… it goes on and on. But is it really on its way out? I think not.

The way I see it, print is entering the hybrid world, much like everything else these days. Digital interaction becomes a key component to most printed pieces – the explosion of those ugly little squares they call QR Codes is a prime example of this. Yes, I called them ugly. Sure they work (70% of the time) and you can do some pretty cool stuff with them, but they’re still ugly. In my next post I’ll let you in on ‘the next best thing’ and trust me, it’s totally cool and you’ll love it;)

I’ll be the first to admit to how much I adore my iPad, MacBook Pro and iPhone. You got it, I’m a techie at heart, but there’s still nothing like thumbing through my favorite magazine while sitting on the…couch, or going through the weekend edition of the paper over a hot cup of coffee. I tried to go digital, but there are some things that still require the tactile satisfaction of print. This wont change, no matter how many IPads, Kindles or E-books are out there. Besides, what do I wrap my dishes with when I need to move? Have you ever tried swatting a fly with an IPad?

In closing, I’d like to share some industry lingo familiar to all production managers: against the grain, bleed, burning, choke and my favorite – dummy. Please don’t use them all in one sentence – you will be accused of sounding somewhat violent and aggressive. Not necessarily a bad thing if confronted by someone who insists that print is dead. Watch this video and find out why printing doesn’t fall short.


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