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December 2016

After completing an in-depth review of our manufacturing processes and controls, spanning the plant’s entire production chain, we can now add GMI to our long list of awards and certifications. Through transparency, accountability, performance measurement and compliance, customers are assured that quality and food safety standards are in place. Roughly 800 printers around the world hold this distinction, including 250 in the U.S but only a select few across Canada.

November 2016

We are the first Canadian print house to offer HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink for the HP Indigo WS6000 Digital Press series. In July 2016, we were approached by HP Inc. to act as a beta site for testing their new fluorescent inks in Canada. Our label division created internal branding and marketing campaigns to promote the HP Indigo ElectroInk Fluorescent Pink and the response has been nothing but positive. Clients and suppliers that have seen the labels have been very impressed by the sharpness and intensity of the color.



November 2015


We acquired the world’s first Xerox iGen 5 press equipped with both the optional extended color gamut and the additional capability to print on thick stock. This new press will help us expand our product mix, particularly with short-run packaging. The iGen 5’s extended color gamut is enabled by a fifth toner station that supplements CMYK with orange, green or blue to match a wider variety of spot colors, including up to 90 percent of the Pantone Plus Coated library. The thick-stock capability enables the iGen 5 to feed, image and stack media as thick as 24 points! One platform; unprecedented productivity, automation, quality, and flexibility.

October 2015


At over 5,500 square feet, Kandy gallery is one of the largest solo artist galleries in North America. The monumental space showcases forty-five of Neil Dankoff’s limited panoramic landscape photographs – some of which span over ten feet wide.

We are extremely proud to have been selected as the exclusive printing partner for all facemounted masterpieces featured within the gallery. The current works on display represents six years of photography trips to destinations such as Italy, Israel, Namibia, South Africa, Bora Bora, New York, Maui, Kauai and Kona. Everyone needs a little Kandy in their life!

September 2015


We are so proud to be the first Canadian PANTONE® Certified Printer. The PANTONE Certified Printer Program reviews and analyzes every aspect of a commercial printer’s color operations – from preflight, file preparation and proofing, to ink formulation and mixing and process control in the pressroom. Pazazz is the first and only printer in Canada to achieve PANTONE certification across its offset division and presses. With this certification Pazazz can ensure the most stringent color standards efficiently and consistently across every single offset print job. “…By doing this and setting up standard operating procedures, Pazazz can provide its most color conscious customers with the most consistent, reliable performance – job after job, day after day, with no exceptions.” says Murphy Keeley, Vice President of Marketing and Services, X-Rite.